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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement has two parts to it.

Part 1

You have to be able to monitor what your employees are doing during their work day.

  • Some employees may not be fully employed, or doing work outside their responsibilities.
  • Others may be spending too much time on Social Media.
  • Some of your best employees may be overloaded and close to burnout and the first time you become aware of it is when a good employee hands in their notice.

Monitoring employee activity is not “Spying” on them. Monitoring creates a healthy and productive environment. Your employees know who works and who doesn’t. Management needs to know that as well.

Part 2

Web Filtering protects your employees from web sites that have no place in your business and allows you to manage what websites employees can visit during work hours. You can manage each users web access and whaty they can have access to. You may, for example, wish to block Facebook during their working hours, but allow them to access Facebook during their lunch or other breaks.

This allows you to mamage workers time, but gives them the freedom to access whatever they want to during their breaks.