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Cyber Security Training

The weakest link in any form of Cyber Security is the user. It is very easy for a user to get sucked into a Phishing Scam, Expired Password Scams and other forms of social engineering Their unintentional actions put your whole company at risk.

One mass training a year is too much information to absorb in one session. It is far better to train in small bites that are easy to absorb. Users remember these as they come in small slices.

For training programs to be successful they:

  1. Must be presented on a regular basis.
  2. The employee must be notified when thew next session is due.
  3. A small questionnaire at the end of the training ensure they understood the content.
  4. Management must be able to monitor the training to make sure employees take the actually do it, or there is no point.

Our weekly 4 minute videos meet all of the above requirements. See the sample video below.