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Choosing A Phone Vendor

Choosing a Telephone Vendor.

What happens if my internet goes down?

If you get a VoIP system from the vendor that provides you with Internet service, then their phones only work over their internet connection. So when your internet is down, you will have no phones until their internet comes back up. This leaves you without phones.

Our Solution

  • Your calls will be forwarded to our app on your phone. All of your extensions will work and all of your customers can still call you just as they always do.
  • We can provide you with a backup internet connection. If your primary internet goes down, it will automatically fail over to your backup internet and your internet and phones stay up because our phone systems will work over anybody’s internet connection. This is a very important difference.

What happens if I want to change to a different Internet Provider?

Stuff happens. Perhaps you want to move to a new office in an area your current provider doesn’t service. Maybe some other provider is offering you a better price. There could be any number of reasons you want to change internet providers.

But guess what? The phone system you have only works over their network so you are stuck with them.

Our Solution

Our phone system doesn’t care who your internet provider is. It is network agnostic. It will work over any internet providers network..

If I have people that work from home or a remote office, can they have an extension ?

In nearly all cases where your internet provider provides your phone system, the answer is NO unless your home or remote office uses their network, and sometimes not even then.

Our Solution

As our phone  system is network agnostic, you can have a phone anywhere. Take it overseas on vacation with you if you want. So long as you can get an internet connection to plug it into, the phone will work. Calls from overseas to the US don’t cost anything either.


Does the phone system provide Voicemail and:

  • Can voice mail be picked remotely?
  • Can voice mail be delivered to you by email with the audio as an attachment?
  • Can it be configured to automatically delete the voice mail once its been emailed?
  • Can voice mails be PIN protected or not if you don’t want them to be by each individual extension?

Our Solution

All of the above is possible.

Who will manage the system?

Important question.

  • Some providers will install the system and when you want changes made they send you links to a webinar to show you how to do it. Really! They want you to do your day time job and also watch webinars that can be 30 minutes to an hour long to find out how to add or change something.
  • If they manage the system, do they bill you for it each and every change?

Our Solution

We manage the whole system without any additional charge.

How configurable are the phones?

One of the hardest things for your employees to get used to when they move from analog to digital is how to manage incoming calls. You don’t have lines anymore. On your old system, if a call comes in you press the line that’s ringing to answer it. You can then go anywhere else in the building and pick up the call by pressing the line button the call is on.

On a digital phone, as there are no “lines” you cannot do that. You can put it on hold, but you cannot pick the call up from another phone, you have to go through a series of button presses to Park the call and then go through another series of key presses to pick it up.

Our solution

We configure several parking spots on buttons on the phone. Press a button to Park the call. Go to any other phone and press the same button to pick it up. Simple.

Do you just get one type of phone?

In nearly all cases the vendor plops a phone on your desk without any thought as to what your needs are. They have one type of phone and everyone gets one.

Our Solution

We can provide a phone that exactly suits your needs

  • We can provide several models of desktop phones, including video phones, that supports many features by simply pressing a button on the phone programmed to your needs. Each extension can be programmed differently.
  • We can provide a wired headset to leave your hands-free while at your desk. So that you can type with both hands while on the phone without getting a crick in your neck
  • We can provide a Bluetooth Headset for hands-free use. Great if you need to move about the office while on the phone. You can answer the phone from the headset.
  • We can provide a Wireless headset, either with a single head phone, two headphones for noisy call centers, or an earpiece that clips on you ear like a cellular Bluetooth device. Great for warehouses or if you have to move around the building as they have a range of 300 feet. Just tap the headset to answer an incoming call.
  • We can provide a cordless phone with all of the features of a desk phone that you can carry around with you. This uses a Wireless base station that has a range of 300 feet

What do you pay for all this?

We will cut your monthly phone bill almost in half in most cases.

If you are fed up with your current phone system, call us and see if we can provide you with what you need.

We will listen to you, go over all your needs and provide a system that will fit your needs and last you for years..

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