Email with Office 365

Promote Your Business

Email is the first step in giving your company a professional face.

With your own email domain your emails come from a legitimate business. I think you agree that an email from the president of IBM would not come from Your email is often the first contact your potential customer has with you. Make a good first impression with your own email domain.

Did you know that your customers often use your email domain to find your website. If you get an email from, you will find their website at Why miss out on this opportunity to market your website?

Ease of Use

  1. Use Outlook across all of devices so that you:
  2. Get the latest emails on any device.
  3. Can send emails from any device.
  4. Can Update your contact. Calendar and Task list on one device and sync across all of your devices.

Spam Filtering

With our award-winning spam-filtering embedded, you have the best security in the business built right in.

For an average customer we filter and reject 70% of all emails as spam.


Your email is the hole in your security.

That  is where your Forgotten Passwords resets are sent. your log in codes, and account information is sent. Breaching your email allows hackers acess to all your protected information.

Encrypted Email for High Security

If you need a high level of security for emails that contain sensitive information, talk to as about adding CipherPost to you email account. As a plug in to Outlook you have secure encrypted email with full control over who gets it and you can restrict them from forwarding or printing it.

Exchange or Office 365

Whichever one you choose, we can set it up and move all of your email across to your new secure email service all for an affordable price.

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